White Paper Services
To help you better understand how we can assist you in marketing your technology product, we first present a little background on white papers.

White papers have a huge role in the technology sales cycle. Originally introduced by the federal government, white papers are now accepted and relied upon by technology buyers to better understand their technology choises. In fact, a white paper is now an expected part of any technology Website.

White Paper Impact
White papers:

  • Are generally the first external source of information consulted by decision-makers
  • Are widely shared among decision-makers, even outside a prospect company
  • Are often consulted by executives even before their own internal technical resources
  • Provide critical input into the final decision about selected a product or service
  • Have a very long shelf life. Unlike magazines, newspapers or vendor brochures, technology buyers file effectively written white papersfor future reference and they remain for long periods on corporate intranets

White Paper Types
At StratVantage, we divide white papers into two major types:

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Product Knowledge

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