White Paper Goals
White papers are authorizative reports that address a business issue, product, or competitive situation. They have two main purposes:

  • to share technical knowledge and business information
  • to generate publicity and attract prospects

There’s an old marketing saw that holds that nobody who bought a drill ever wanted a drill; they wanted a hole. Therefore, a drillmaker should advertise information about making holes, not about drills, and that’s what you do in a white paper.

White Paper Types
While both goals can be achieved in a single white paper, in practice there are two basic types of white papers:

  • Industry Knowledge – The Industry Knowledge White Paper presents an objective overview of the state of the art in a specific technology industry. Usually these white papers present information from a variety of sources, possibly quoting industry analysts and other experts. Their whole focus is to help the reader understand what’s possible, what are the pitfalls to avoid, and which solutions are available.

    At StratVantage we add an extra dimension in the form of recommendations targeted to various types of decision-makers, from those on the leading edge, to late adopters seeking solid solutions with low risk.

    In this type of white paper, the sell is soft. Your company is mentioned and your solutions are profiled in the context of the entire market. Industry Knowledge White Papers tend to be a more effective way of reaching a new audience.
  • Product Knowledge – The Product Knowledge White Paper is a selling piece, but one with a focus on practicality. It may be a companion to the Industry Knowledge White Paper to provide more information about your solutions. Its focus is on your product and its features and benefits. The white paper does present an industry context in defining the problem your product addresses, but its main objective is to present detailed information about the product. Vague marketing statements and catch phrases are spurned in favor of real world information about product applications.

    At StratVantage we ensure that executives get the practical information about how your product solves their business problems. This business focus carries throughout the white paper, helping decision-makers relate your product to their business.

    Product Knowledge White Papers tend to be more effective once you’ve gotten a prospect’s attention, and make great leave-behinds at sales calls.

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