StratVantage QED White Paper Process
The StratVantage QED (Quickly and Easily Done) White Paper Process is a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to get your white paper written. People often ask us how long it will take to get a white paper created. Our answer, a result of our vast experience in writing white papers, is, it really depends on whether you, the client, can commit to turn around requests and revision approvals quickly. Typically these activities are in the critical path of getting your white paper done quickly.

If you can expedite things on your end, there's little reason you can't get your white paper written within two to three weeks, perhaps even quicker.

White Paper Project KickOff
After the contract is signed, StratVantage will do phone interviews (in-person if you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area or cover travel expenses) with key company personnel. We want to talk with the business side as well as the technical side.

As a result of these interviews, we will help you identify your white paper's:

  • Audience — Is it techies or business people? What kinds of problems do these people have? What is their perspective on the technology you offer?
  • Approach — Do you want to create an Industry Knowledge white paper or a Product Knowledge white paper? Do your prospects need to be educated on their need for your product?
  • Format — How long should the white paper be? What kinds of graphics or tables are appropriate?
  • Marketing Plan — How will you distribute the white paper? Email? Website? Print?

White Paper Information Gathering
After we decide on the initial approach, we begin researching the details of your product and your marketplace. This may involve more phone interviews and Web and/or library research. The great thing about working with StratVantage is we do all research as part of our flat per-word rate.

White Paper Rough Draft
Once we complete the information gathering and research, we produce a rough draft. This draft serves to confirm that we're on the right track. You agree to turn around the rough draft review within three business days. Find out more about the structure of a white paper.

White Paper Revision Cycles
The rough draft is followed by up to two cycles of revisions, producing the first and second drafts. The rough draft and two drafts are included in our flat per-word rate. Generally, that's all that's required, but if you still want tweaks and changes after the second draft, there is an additional charge.

White Paper Production
You are responsible for producing the finished white paper, including all graphics, charts, tables, or other materials. If you like, we can provide these services for you on a quotation basis.

White Paper Marketing
Typically, you will produce the white paper as an Adobe PDF file. If you don't have the ability to do this, we have an Adobe PDF Conversion service. Once you have the PDF, you'll at least want to post it on your Website. (Don't have a Website? We can host one for you using Wordpress, the world's most popular platform.) You may want to require registration for prospects to receive the white paper. Again we can help with this.

To publicize your white paper, you may also want to create an email or social media campaign, which we can handle via our Social Media Performance Group division. Finally, you may want to have your white paper included on the various white paper hosting sites. Many of these require an investment to list the white paper.

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